Cherry Li

My name is Li Jinfang (“Cherry”), who is a graduate from the class of 2016. I have to appreciate St. Bernard’s for providing me great opportunities to succeed. I was selected as the captain of the dorm by the school, and have learned many things about leadership. The school also provided me opportunities to compete in multiple areas, such as mathematics tournaments and tennis matches. Also, the teachers are very encouraging and they always answer my questions patiently and honestly. Without them, I could not have earned high GPA, nor have passed any AP exams. By living in host families, I learned English very quickly and was able to emerge into the
American culture. At the same time, living in the dorm taught me how to deal with relationships and independence. I never felt lonely at St. Bernard’s, because students in this community are very amicable. Everybody in this family gets involved automatically. Without the SB community, I could not have been admitted by UC San Diego, which is an excellent university. Again, I really appreciate my choice to St. Bernard’s.

Li Jinfang

Shanghai, China