The admission process begins with the completion and submission of the application. We encourage all applying families to visit the campus and the Northern Coast of California during the application process.

The application accompanied with the most recent transcripts will be reviewed by the admission team prior to notification of acceptance or denial. Once a student has been admitted the school will contact the family to schedule a placement exam. The exam is to be compared to recent transcripts to determine the academic strengths and weaknesses of each applicant.

Acceptance of students is conducted throughout the school year. Tuition includes room and board, registration fees, after school tutoring and books. Tuition does not cover personal costs such as travel and entertainment, Advanced Placement courses, and club activities.

Students applying from China, Korea or Vietnam work exclusively with the Cambridge Institute for admission to St. Bernard’s Academy.  If you would like to learn more about SB’s International Student Program admissions or begin the application process please fill out the information HERE. Please contact The Cambridge Institute for more information.

International Applicants: International Boarding Application