SB-Students-1-150x150Dormitory Residents have access to faculty and staff through the course of the school day and during the evening students have tutors available to prepare for an exam, fine tune study skills, discuss issues and provide an environment of care and compassion.

The residence hall includes a tech lab, multiple WiFi hotspots, spacious living and dining facilities, laundry facility and study rooms. Overall, the feeling of the residential program is that of a lodge. Students are required to adhere to dorm and school discipline and the code of conduct.

Residential students are encouraged to participate in a number of interscholastic athletic programs, student government, service organizations and clubs as well as recreational clubs. It is important that each student is a not just a part of the school life but they feel they are making a difference.

All students are welcome to attend Mass at St. Joseph Church – adjacent to the dormitory. Daily Mass is held Monday through Friday at 7:30am, with weekend services held on Saturday at 4pm and Sunday at 8am.