High School Dress Code

St. Bernard’s Academy strictly enforces the MICA Dress Code, as described below. This code is in effect every school day and at all school-sponsored activities unless previously announced by the Principal. Any administrator, faculty, staff, or coach of SB has the authority to determine if a student’s clothing is not within school standards. The Dean of Discipline will settle any disputes concerning dress code. Students will receive a detention on the third violation.

Students whose attire is in violation of the dress code policy will not be allowed to return to class until they have changed. Parents will be contacted to bring appropriate clothing and/or the student may change into school-provided attire (Mass dress). School provided attire must be returned to the office at the end of the school day or detention will result. The student will receive an unexcused absence for any class missed. (Rev. 042623)


MODEST: Clothing should not be distracting, but should be modest in nature.

INTACT: Clothing should not have holes. All clothing should be intact and in good condition.

CLEAN: Students should be clean and well-groomed

APPROPRIATE: Students are to respect the philosophy of the school and not wear any clothing depicting alcohol, violence, illegal substances, or words and/or scenes that do not fit the ideals of SB.

Shirts  Torso must be covered. All garments shall fit appropriately and not be backless, strapless, sheer, or display cleavage, midriff, or undergarments. Spaghetti straps are not allowed.
Logo/advertising  No items (clothing, stickers, backpacks, phones, computers) should contain logos or advertisements for alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, vape or illegal drugs.
Sunglasses No sunglasses may be worn inside without a written note from a doctor.
Undergarments Undergarments must not be visible.
Liturgical Days, Sports Award Banquets And Honor Award Ceremonies On announced dress-up days (such as Mass; special ceremonies, welcoming special visitors, or other days specified by the administration), male students will wear a tie white dress shirt and dress pants; female students will wear dress, skirt or dress pant and white dress blouse. This uniform will be worn the entire day such dress is required.  Dress shoes, comfortable enough to be worn all day at school day, should also be worn on these days. Students in violation of the dress code will be asked to change or be sent home to change and receive an unexcused absence for the time they miss. Sweatshirts are not allowed.
Athletic Events In general, a more relaxed form of dress may be worn by student spectators at games. However, a student not abiding by the overall standard of MICA may be asked by the school staff to change and/or leave the function.
Field Trips/Athletic Team Dress Policy Dress up or minimum MICA.