• Proclaiming and communicating the Gospel message.
  • Providing opportunities for members of the community to deepen their understanding of Jesus and His message.
  • Calling on members of the community to share their gifts and talents to minister to others.
  • By raising the awareness of, and encouraging involvement in, solutions to contemporary social and moral problems.
  • Complementing the goals and outcomes of the Religious Education Department.


Located on the school campus is St. Joseph Mission Church – built in 1912 by the Sisters of St. Joseph for the students. Mass is celebrated at least once monthly. Masses are also celebrated on Holy Days of Obligation and Feast Days. Parents and friends are welcome to attend all the school liturgical services. These events are an integral part of the curriculum of St. Bernard’s Academy and all students and staff are required to be present. All classes begin with prayer; personal and family intentions are welcome to be included in these prayer times.

During Advent and Lent, each Friday the elementary school students visit St. Joseph Mission Church for Rosary, continued devotion to the Blessed Mother Mary and Stations of the Cross.