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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

St. Bernard’s has a waiting list! That’s right. Demand is up because we have worked tirelessly to make in-person learning possible. We need your help to keep the momentum going!

I am happy to report that St. Bernard’s offered in-person instruction and remote instruction to all of our students this fall. We had 23 students opt to study from home while 214 students studied at school each day.

To make the learning experience as safe as possible we converted our largest spaces into classrooms. The auditorium (old gym) is now home for our seventh graders, the library is the primary location for our freshmen, the dorm (former convent) room serves our sixth graders, and our largest classroom, room 200, is home to the 8th graders. In order to make those spaces work for our teachers, we purchased giant interactive panels from Promethean – part computer, part white board, part projector, part TV, part massive iPad.

We set up four different entrances for our different cohorts and screened each student every morning. We added air filtration units to every classroom and the main office. To make outdoor learning a possibility rain or shine, we added a circus tent to the senior lawn (thank you Harper Motors!). We bought 8-foot round tables and filled up the back parking lot with additional outdoor learning spaces. We purchased online teaching tools like iXL to streamline instruction and to give students the chance to push beyond their grade level or to go back and hone foundational skills.

In-person learning would not have been possible without the Herculean efforts of our teachers and custodial staff. They continue to be heroes each day – truly making a difference for our students and families in the tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Would you be willing to make a donation and help St. Bernard’s make the spring even more successful than the fall? We would like to add more air filtration units ($300 each), Promethean panels ($3,199 each), outdoor learning spaces, and teaching resources. Gifts for scholarships are also appreciated!

Thank you,

Paul Shanahan ‘90