St. Bernard’s Family and Friends,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Our Annual Ask this year is All in the Family. We are blessed to be serving generation after generation of families in Humboldt County. 

We are thriving in 2023 – 111 years after the Sisters of St. Joseph founded the school in 1912 – because of your support. Our alumni and friends fill the six-figure gap between tuition and operations and make Crusaderville possible. Your generosity keeps tuition low enough to be affordable: $6,200 for middle school and  $7400 for high school. How can you help?

Help us replace the original windows in the auditorium – mother nature has taken her toll on the wooden frames after 75 years of rain, sun, and wind.

Help us replace the original floor tiles in the main hallway. 75 years of students walking to and from class has taken a toll, but it was this year’s earthquake that shook entire sections free.

Help us replace the original windows on the north side of the building. Bet you can guess how old they are…the south side windows were replaced two years ago.

Help us close the Covid-learning-gap for those students that are coming to us from all over the county. How? We added additional math, science, and English teachers this year to make sure students get the help they need.

We have terrific teachers, new desks, and state-of–the-art technology in all of our classrooms. A federal grant funded the new classroom furniture, technology, and whiteboards. You help fund our terrific teachers! How good are they? UCLA said no to 133,000 applicants last year, but said YES to three Crusaders. Cal Tech accepted only 2.9% of her applicants, but said YES to a Crusader. West Point? YES to a Crusader.

We had amazing coaches and winning teams this fall: St. Bernard’s is celebrating a shared title in Big 4 football, a first-ever NCS Section title in volleyball, a girls soccer league title, and league titles in middle school girls volleyball and basketball. Another highlight? Coach Matt Tomlin ‘95 won his 100th football game!

Service and leadership are thriving too. ASB helped our student body win the 

Holiday Food Drive Golden Can. Our students collected 12,683 pounds of food for hungry families.

Please help your amazing Crusaders continue to thrive!