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Luke Omey, DDS

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Board of Trustees

The St. Bernard’s Catholic School Board of Trustees Trustees serves the Board of Directors and the community as stewards of permanent gifts to the School.

The Trustees have the task of assuring that most long-term donated funds are protected from dissipation and loss by investing in prudent assets that will yield interest income for the future benefit of the School. We are committed to serving the Board of Directors. Any available contributions will be reported to the Board of Directors for their supervision and to aid in their budgeting process.

The School’s goal is to maintain permanent funds to assist in providing our faculty and administrative staff with fair and competitive compensation. The St. Bernard’s Board of Trustees is also tasked with the responsibility of managing sequestered funds, which are gifts with a particular benefit in mind. For example, a donor may intend to improve a single aspect of the school, such as the Biology lab, the school’s heating system, or the provision of textbooks. A donor may also reasonably constrain the expenditure of earnings from their cash gift, or may direct that a gift be spent, including the principal, to achieve some immediate capital improvement goal, such as construction of a building.

The St. Bernard’s Board of Trustees encourages our community of supporters to make long-term, or permanent cash gifts to the School, whether they are in the form of cash, appreciated stock, or real property. Virtually any valuable asset can be received by the Board of Trustees and managed for the future benefit of our children.

These gifts can be made now, while a donor is living, or through a bequest in a will or family trust. We can help in the process by explaining to prospective donors the advantages of making permanent and protected gifts to the school.

Thank You for your continued commitment to the success of St. Bernard’s Catholic School!